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The connection set page contains lists of all V-NET virtual connections betwwen the current endpoint and the target endpoint. The names of the endpoints involved is shown inside dark bar under the main menu.

The page is used to create out going connection, which is automatically added to the in coming connections list on the target endpoint on success, delete connections and all associated resources and go to media streaming page for supported endpoint pairs. It also leads to the corresponding outgoing or incoming data list page for a each connection.

Due to browser restrictions, one has to manually receive data and depend on the browser to specify the download folder. For those who need auto data receiving or customizable multi data delivery folder features, they should consider using an endpoint supported by an APP or a desktop program instead of by a browser.

For a given incoming connection for non-browser clients, it can be used to enable or disable auto data receiving feature of the system for all data from the connection and to change the default base folder for all data to be received under the same connection.

Data that come in through a connection that enables auto receiving will be automatically saved to the local file system without requiring the user interaction.

An incoming connection can also be used to specify a base local folder to which all data coming through it will be delivered to.

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