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Data Serving Page

A Sample View

The following is a snapshot of the source data list page.

Figure: Serving data items.

Page Content

The top dark bar under the main menu contains names of the current endpoint (the sending one), the target endpoint (the receiving one) and the corresponding outgoing connection. The section of the page under this bar is divided into two pars.

The left side contains a list of serving (or outgoing) data items. The right side contains a list of file system entry points each of which provides a starting folder for file browsing and selection using the file browser of V-NET.

State Flags
  • The item is ready to serve data for the target endpoint.
  • The item is not ready for being received by the target endpoint. An data item becomes not ready after page refreshing, page reloading, etc. Clicking the button will reload it. However, it is not necessary to go back to the current endpoint when receiving data at the target endpoint since it can to be reloaded automatically or remotely there.
  • Remove all serving items and data associated with it under the current connection.
  • Remove the corresponding item and data associated with it.
  • Reload file information so that the corresponding item becomes ready to serve the target endpoint. It is displayed only when the file is not ready.

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